District 6 Employees

Thrive on $5

We’re encouraging District 6 staff to “Thrive on $5” by giving at least $5 a month. Funds raised directly support students and staff through our 21st Century Education Grant Program.

Directly support YOUR students

The Success Foundation established the Thrive on $5 Employee Giving Campaign in 2012, and it has been rapidly growing since! We wanted to develop a campaign that made it easy and inexpensive for teachers to pool their money and help their students. The money raised through this campaign goes straight back to our teachers through our 21st Century Education Grant program. This is such a great way to make incredible things happen for students in our district and all it takes is $5 a month.

The official Thrive on $5 Campaign takes place during the month of February, but you can sign up to donate at any time.

Encourage your staff to Thrive on $5

When your staff participates in Thrive on $5, you are entered to win a high-value incentive grant to use for innovative learning projects of your choice. Here are some ideas to incentivize your staff to sign up:

  • Jean Day
  • Enter their name into a drawing to have an administrator take over their class for the day
  • Enter their name into a drawing for coverage for lunch or parking lot duty
  • Pizza/Catered Lunch
  • Snacks/Coffee in the Teacher Lounge
  • Flip Flop Day
  • Favorite Team Jersey Day
  • Teacher Superhero Day

These are just a few of endless possibilities that could encourage your staff to participate. Remember, it’s only $5/month to help provide your students with incredible and new experiences in the classroom, and the more staff you have participate, the higher chance you have of winning one of our high-value incentive grants!

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Thanks to Angela Slaughter, Tom Nugent, and Chet Arthur for grabbing some of their students and making this amazing parody for our campaign!