“Nutrition is fuel for the body and the brain. Without proper nutrition, a student cannot learn and excel in the classroom.” – Kara Sample, Assistant Director

Donate today, because no child
deserves to go hungry…

Donate to the "Food4Success" Campaign

Funds donated to the Food4Success Campaign will be used to pay off Seniors’ meal debt first, giving them one less thing to worry about during this difficult time.

Did you know child nutrition directly ties to student achievement?

Kitchen Managers, like Liz at Franklin Middle School, know how important this is and strive to help teach children healthy eating habits.

Meal debt is huge issue across our nation right now. It’s becoming quite controversial as districts choose options such as serving students different meals which leads to bullying, forbidding them to go to prom, and threatening to turn children into Child Protective Services.

Greeley-Evans School District 6 serves every student the same meal everyday no matter the debt. 63% of our students are on free-and-reduced lunch, and it is common for school lunch to be their only meal of the day.

District 6 Nutrition Services’ commitment to Greeley-Evans students does not go unnoticed. With our district now operating on a remote learning model, Nutrition Services is working overtime to provide 5,200 meals at a $19K deficit a day. They will continue to serve at this rate until we are back in our buildings full time.

With our current situation, our district has accumulated approximately $250,000 in meal debt as of May 2020. If that debt is not paid off, it is absorbed elsewhere (Nutrition funds and/or General funds).  As a result, the money needed to cover meal debt is no longer available for other priorities. To illustrate, funds may not be available to purchase higher quality food items or the most effective curriculum needed in the classroom.