Heiman Elementary Student is Awarded a Bicycle through Ride4Success

At last year’s Ride4Success, Aetna graciously donated two bicycles to us. We gave them to the two schools with the highest amount of participation in the event, and Heiman Elementary was one of them! The schools were instructed to select a student they thought had earned it, and Heiman chose to have a drawing around the recent transition to remote learning. During the 1st 4 weeks of remote learning any students who completed both the attendance requirements (2 conferences a week with their teacher) and the usage requirements (30 minutes of reading and 45 minute of math daily) got their name in a drawing, so potentially they could have their name in the drawing 4 times.  They had a total of 988 names and used an electronic random drawing app to choose and the number 425 came up…that was Ximena!

Principal, Anne Ramirez, said, “the family is so excited and Ximena is such a good representation of all the hard work that so many Huskies have been putting into remote learning!” Congratulation, Ximena, and to all District 6 students achieving success through remote learning!
Don’t miss this year’s event, now with walking and running routes! The event is virtual and will be held from May 30-June 14th. Registration is now open! Click here for more information.

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