Student Perspective: Class of 21′ Discusses Why They’re Ready for School to Start

As summer is starting to slow down, plans about the next school year are being released. In a survey done by the Greeley-Evans School District, 2,432 parents (out of the sampled 3,722) wish for their children to return to in-person learning for the upcoming school year. For the parents who don’t feel comfortable, the district is offering online learning to those who need it.

Even more than parents, students are looking forward more than ever to returning back to school, after 5 months of ‘spring break.’ One of these students is Phat Ho, a rising senior at University Schools.

Phat has lost many activities that were important to him this spring, including club competitions, sports seasons, and music festivals. This loss, along with a dislike for completely remote learning has fueled his want to go back to school. 

The typical online experience for high schools in District 6 has been individual work and online meetings through platforms such as Zoom or Google Meets. Online learning occurred through most of the stay-at-home order earlier this spring. “Spending a lot of time in one place gets a little old after a while, which is what happens for online school,” Ho says. There were also technology difficulties throughout the online learning experience. “I found my wifi crashing to be extremely frustrating, as it caused me to miss large portions of a class.”

Something that many students have missed with online learning is the opportunity to see their friends and other family members. While school is about learning, students also rely on the social interactions with each other to make their experiences more enjoyable. Phat says that he “looks forward to seeing [his] friends and actually socializing with them, rather than texting, snapchatting, or calling them.” 

Most of all, our rising seniors are especially wanting to go back to in person learning. It’s their last chance to see their friends and do all the activities they wanted, which is what the previous class of 2020 missed out on last spring. Phat is aware that in-person learning will look different this year, but he’s still excited to go. “It is my senior year and I want the best experience possible for that. In-person learning gives me the best experience possible.”

Students will be needing masks in order to return to in-person learning. The Success Foundation is currently managing this effort. If you would like to donate to this campaign or volunteer to sew, click here!

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