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Leader Among Leaders Nomination

The Leadership Award recognizes outstanding Administrative, Professional and Technical staff in Greeley-Evans School District 6.  The Success Foundation encourages nominations from district staff members, parents, students and community members.  

Who is eligible:


Assistant Principals


Other Administrative/Professional/Technical staff 

2024 Nomination Submission Form

Your Information

The following questions are meant to provide the selection committee with a well-rounded picture of the nominee. Please be thorough in your responses as the selection committee members are from the entire community. This is all the information the selection committee receives, so please be as detailed a and thorough as possible. This nomination may be shared with the nominee as well!

Nomination Form

Question #1:

Please explain why you feel this administrator deserves special recognition. Cite specific examples related to each of the criteria:

- Exhibits exceptional leadership

- Demonstrates ability to create positive and motivating culture among school/department

- Contributes to the overall success of education in District 6

- Demonstrates a strong ability to foster excellence in education evidenced by ongoing contributions to staff development, innovation, the improvement of student learning and the learning environment.

Question #2:

What experience and/or unique perspective does this administrator have that contributes to excellence in the education of District 6?

Question #3:

Please include honors received and/or other significant achievements of this nominee (if applicable)

Question #4:

List any other characteristics and/or abilities of nominee that you believe make her/him worthy of Leadership Award recognition.

Thanks for submitting!

Nominee Information

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