12 Days of Success: Day 2 - Thrive on $5

On the second Day of Success, you helped support D6, by raising $33,252 through The Success Foundation’s Thrive on $5 Employee Giving Campaign!

Our Thrive on $5 giving campaign was established in 2012, and has been growing ever since! Staff are encouraged to “Thrive on 5” by giving at least $5 per month. Funds raised directly support students and staff through our Innovative Learning Grants (formerly known as the 21st Century Education Grant Program).

To-date in 2020, we have had 442 staff members donate to the campaign. We know our teachers work tirelessly to provide inspiration and support to all students in Greeley-Evans School District 6. We also know they spend their own money on supplies, student lunches, and other necessities that come up. We appreciate them donating part of their hard-earned money to support us!

Thank you District 6 Staff!

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