2019 Highlights

As 2019 comes to a close, we are reflecting back on the amazing year we’ve had. The Success Foundation is about to enter its tenth year and while we are still young, we have experienced a huge amount of accomplishments!

In 2019:

  1. We exceeded the $2 million mark!  Since inception, almost $2.5 million has been donated to support District 6 students.

Stefanie Hutchins – Ann K. Heiman $2,400 grant that is geared toward students who are culturally and lingually diverse, students. They will learn to use multiple storytelling apps and websites that will allow them to tell their story exactly how they imagine it. Apps can be used to take pictures and narrate over the storyboard and make comic strips. Students will collaborate on stories and will be allowed to check out devices nightly to document their stories at home. This project will encourage students to celebrate diversity and be proud of their unique stories and cultures.

Seventeen 21st Century Education Grants in the amount of $33,093 were awarded.  Exceptional experiences and unique learning opportunities are being made available through our grant program.  A few projects for the 2019-20 school year include: 3D printing in the technical theatre classroom; inclusive learning support for students with special needs; makerspaces (hands-on, project based learning environments); iPads for digital growth in the arts.

  1. Gifts and grants in the amount of $187,510 were directed to specific projects, programs and schools to support internship/pre-apprenticeship opportunities, post-secondary enrollment support, and unpaid meal balances, to name a few.  

What a great year! We are so grateful for the support we’ve had from our community over the last nine years, and while we celebrate our successes, we know there is still much work to do.  Through our planning process, we continue to discover student needs that are not being met and look forward to expanding our support in the new year.  The Success Foundation is proud to be THE foundation for Greeley-Evans School District 6. The additional resources being provided to our schools is working and we thank you for your continued support!

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