21st Century Grant Applications – Pointers for Success!

So you’ve decided to apply for a Success Foundation 21st Century Education Grant.  Good for you! We are excited to have funded 115 grants totaling almost $235,000 in 28 different schools since 2011.  We look forward to supporting many more great projects in the years to come!  

Our application process is straightforward but we thought we’d offer a few tips to give you the greatest chance for success.  

Overall Tips

#1:  The readers of these grants are all former educators, so know that other teachers are your audience.  

#2: Read each question and make sure that your answer is specific to what is being asked.  Cutting and pasting from other projects or grants you’ve applied for often leads to information being included that is not pertinent to the question.  Make sure to use language that is clear and to the point.

#3: Have someone else read your grant application before you submit it to catch inconsistencies, misspellings, incomplete answers, grammatical errors, etc. as all of these can affect how your grant readers interpret your request.  If you’re taking the time to apply, make sure to put your best foot forward!

Suggestions for Each Question

Question #1: Tell us about your project and why you are excited about it (150 words)

This is your chance!  Briefly tell us the big picture of what you plan to do and why your project is worthwhile.  You don’t have a lot of words here, so make each one counts! Be specific but also make us understand why this is a worthy project in which to invest some of our money.

Question #2: What do you hope to achieve with your project? (400 words)

Okay, now you have a bit more room to give us the details of your project.  This is where you get to describe your overarching goal and objectives. Your goal should be a larger outcome and objectives should be specific and support the overall goal.  Make sure this is the case!  Once you’ve stated your goal and objectives, give us a bit more information about each.  Why this goal? How will objectives help you determine if the goal has been met?

Question #3: How will your project advance 21st Century Skills for students? (200 words)

Pick one or two of the 21st Century Skills (critical thinking and reasoning, information literacy, collaboration, self-direction, invention) and describe clearly how your project will support this skill.  Be specific and creative here. Be honest and clear; really think about the skill and how your project will help students develop in the skill area.  What will students learn and get to practice and improve upon?  

Question #4:  Why do you think developing 21st Century Skills is important for students? (200 words)

This is where you get to explain why you think the skills identified above are important for students.  Make your most compelling case for why students need to have additional opportunities that would be afforded by this grant to develop these particular skills.  Convince your readers that these are crucial skills for students; let your readers know why you’ve chosen to focus on these particular skills.

Question #5:  Impact of Project (100 words)

This is a quick one.  How many students do you anticipate will benefit from this project and in what grade levels/subject areas?  If your project will affect the students in your class primarily, then state that. If your project will affect all 7th grade math students, for example, state that.  

Question #6:  Does this project have the ability to impact your greater school community or District 6 on a broader scale moving forward? (300 words)  

This question is about how your project might be used to help other students in your school (maybe not this year, but in another year) or how it might be replicated in another classroom/grade/subject level.  Some projects are very specific and could not be replicated while others could be. This is not a requirement but when possible, The Success Foundation would like to invest in grants that are more than a one-time experience for students.  Perhaps your project cannot be replicated necessarily but might inform decisions going forward at the school or district level. Talk about that if applicable.

Question #7:  Optional Information (150 words)

This is optional, but if there is something you think will really help the readers understand more about your grant request, use this space to explain whatever has not already been covered in other questions.  

So, that’s it! The Success Foundation is extremely proud to support our educators in Greeley-Evans School District 6.  We appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to apply for one of our 21st Century Education Grants and wish you the best in completing your application! 

If you have any questions about applying during this grant cycle, please contact us at (970) 348-6361 or email us.  Thank you!

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