A Sneak Peak into Summit Learning in Weld County

Franklin and Prairie Heights will be Summit Learning Schools starting in the 2017-18 school year. Teachers and administrators are spending the summer months preparing and will be ready when class resumes next month.

 Summit Learning is the foundation of Summit Public Schools’ 15 years of success, and is based on collaborations with nationally acclaimed learning scientists, researchers and academics from institutions including Harvard Center for Education Policy Research, the Buck Institute of Education and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teacher, among others.

In the Summit Learning experience, students are empowered to become self-directed learners—they set goals for their learning, reflect on their progress, and build habits and mindsets to help them succeed in college, career and life. Teachers have the tools they need to customize instruction to meet student’s unique needs and interests, as well as the time and support to build strong relationships with students.

Students will have a mentor teacher that they will meet with regularly, allowing for relationship development unlike any we’ve seen before.  Summit also provides an online platform that will allow teachers to provide just what each student needs.  This playlist helps students master content knowledge at their own pace and provides teachers data that will allow them to make necessary instructional changes to meet students’ needs and know each at a much more personal level.

Students will now have the opportunity to not only learn the content but also apply it through projects.  Projects will allow for collaboration and for students to build and demonstrate cognitive skills.

Summit Learning cares about developing what they call “Habits of Success.”  Students work with mentor teachers to develop a growth mindset, emotional intelligence and self-directed learning skills.   

The Success Foundation is excited for this innovative opportunity for District 6 students!

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