Advanced Manufacturing Space Opens at Greeley Central

District 6 has partnered with Aims Community College to develop two advanced manufacturing pathways including Robotics and Industrial Manufacturing.  Concurrent enrollment through Aims Community College will allow students to earn post-secondary credit as well as industry certifications.  The enrollment goal for Year 1 of the program was 80-100 students. 

In addition to classroom learning, students are experiencing real-world opportunities through on-the-job training and industry tours.  Burris Optics, EnviroTech, Rocky Mountain WaterJet, and Vestas are just a few industry partners involved with the District’s Career Explore Internship Program, providing valuable, hands-on, work experience.  An alliance with the NoCo Rocks Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership will also provide students with industry tours to companies like Otterbox and Specialty Product Company (parts manufacturer for high performance cars!).

There are now 33 career pathway programs in District 6, all with opportunities for classroom learning, concurrent enrollment and on-the-job training.  These programs are a win for our students and community.  The Success Foundation will continue to seek resources to support the critical work being done by District 6 staff to ensure students graduate on-time, prepared for college and career!

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