Blended Learning Focus

“Blended learning, at its core, puts our students and their learning at the center while positioning teachers to do what they do best: connecting with students in targeted ways to accelerate learning.

The Learning Accelerator sought to create partnerships with 3 districts to embark on this journey of innovation. They selected Greeley-Evans School District 6 partially because of the digital learning support already provided by The Success Foundation. Their goal is to create models so that the rest of the nation can see what implementation looks like at scale and to develop roadmaps and tools along the way to demonstrate each step in the process.

Generous donations to the Success Foundation have served to ignite innovation in our classrooms and support teachers who have the desire to move forward with blended learning. This community support was a critical factor in what ultimately led The Learning Accelerator to choose Greeley.

We have developed a 5-year model implementation plan to share with other districts that is uniquely Greeley.

Our schools and teachers are re-designing classrooms by starting with clearly defined learning goals. Once goals are established, we work together to design blended models and identify the targeted role of digital content to support the teachers’ instruction.

Implementation of blended learning at scale is about how we use resources we already have, reallocating resources to support our changing needs and building community support to make the transformation.”

“The Success Foundation provided iPads for our middle level students and training to go along with them. Those devices, in combination with what we had, have allowed us to move forward with implementing a blended learning model to personalize the educational experience for students. And we are now poised to implement this innovative approach across the district.

Students at my school learn in a blended landscape, using a combination of face-to-face instruction and feedback and digital delivery to allow each individual to progress at varied paces and on varied paths.

The Success Foundation has served as a conduit for action. Because, you see, it’s not about making a computer science course, it’s about expanding opportunities for students. It’s not about designing a digital music studio, it’s about thinking in futuristic ways.  It’s not about buying iPads, it’s about making blended learning happen.

While donations may purchase computers – that is not the real destination of your partnership. You are funding innovation and opportunity – and those never expire, never grow old, and are always in need.

We are the creators of the truth – we can sculpt it to be whatever we want. Let’s make innovation happen. Let’s make it true in all schools.”

Written by Julie Garbus

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