Board Highlights – Daniel Preshaw

Daniel became involved with The Success Foundation through founding board member, Felecia Burke, but says he owes his passion for education to his wife, Sara. Sara taught for six years in District 6, and through that time, Preshaw realized what critical roles our teachers play in the lives of their students. They are so much more than just teachers; they invest deeply into the lives of their students.

Preshaw wants to see District 6 receive the funding necessary to continue providing first-class education. The District is one step closer to achieving their financial goals thanks to Greeley residents passing the MLO ballot measure in 2017. When asked what a highlight story from TSF for the newspaper would look like, he stated the story would be about our organization’s long-standing partnership with District 6 and the continued impact we have on student achievement.

What is one fact about yourself that most people don’t know?

“I have scoliosis of the spine, 30 degrees to the right! I am still trying to use that as an excuse for my poor golf game….”

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