Board Spotlight: CJ Renaud

At the Success Foundation there is a Board of Directors that is completely volunteer based. These great members help the Success Foundation in many ways and they impact the community in other great ways as well. We want to introduce and shine a spotlight on our board members so everyone can get to know them a little better!

Carolyn (CJ) Renaud is our next board member! She is brand new to the Success Foundation, as she has only been with us for the past 6 months. Although she is not currently in any specific committees with the Success Foundation she has served on many committees in the past including, Achieving Community Excellence (ACE), Academic Centered Empowerment (ACE), Evans Economic Development Council. She chose to be a part of the Success Foundation because, “I was a previous administrator for Greeley-Evans District Six and I know the inner workings of Success Foundation and I believe in the mission and vision of the Success Foundation.” Outside of the Success Foundation she is the first ever Sr. Community Relations Liaison of the Northwest Region for Western Governors University. CJ has enjoyed, “Being a part of something bigger than myself. Helping to raise funds for our students and staff to continue to educate and be educated in the most inclusive manner possible.” Advice that she would give to students and families in District 6 is, “Ask questions, reach out and connect! Your district has opportunities in place but if you don’t ask you might not know!”