Board Spotlight: Mike Shoop

At the Success Foundation there is a Board of Directors that is completely volunteer based. These great members help the Success Foundation in many ways and they impact the community in other great ways as well. We want to introduce and shine a spotlight on our board members so everyone can get to know them a little better!

Mike is our next board member and he has been with the Success Foundation for about 2 years. He is on the Finance Committee and is the Chairman of the SmartLab campaign. He chooses to volunteer with the Success Foundation because, “It is critical that D6 students have the resources and opportunities that other school districts are able to provide their students. The Success Foundation is the fundraising arm for D6 and I believe the community needs to support its efforts. I have experience in fundraising and I have the time to devote to this endeavor.” Outside of the Success Foundation he has primarily been in the account receivable management industry. Mike and his wife also owned and operated Professional Finance Company for nearly 40 years where he is now the CEO and Chairman of the Board but no longer a part of day-to-day operations. “I’ve enjoyed working with Julie and her staff and the rest of the Board in determining what we can do to enhance educational opportunities for D6 students,” Mike said when asked what he most enjoyed. Advice Mike would give to the District 6 community is, “D6 is an outstanding school district with outstanding leadership. Together with parent involvement and student engagement, anything is possible. Whether it be attending a top notch university, a trade school or pursuing a post high school career, D6 students can be as successful as they ch