District 6 Counselor Helps Student Leave Gang Violence and Gain a Diploma

How is District 6 truly unique? What makes our district so personal and successful?

Mitch Johnson, a counselor at Greeley West High School, believes District 6 stands out from other districts because of our demographics, unique situations, and our melting pot of socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and culture. This diversity is what drives Mr. Johnson to be the best counselor he can be. Working with students from various cultures and backgrounds has helped strengthen his skills, and he can provide various options of support based on each student’s needs.

One success story that Mr. Johnson has been a part of, is that of a student living with a distant relative. Both of the student’s parents were incarcerated, and the student had been expelled from previous schools and was involved with gangs. Finishing high school didn’t seem to be in the cards for him, but with some help, he graduated on time and got his welding certification. This success led him to a well-paying job, leaving the fear of going to jail or trouble with rival gangs behind.

Submitted by Taylor Dunbar, Sophomore, Greeley West High School

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