D6 Student Works During the School Day - Still Dual Enrolls and Completes High School

Updated: Apr 27

A primary goal of District 6 administration is to unify students and focus on giving them positive educational experiences. This would not be possible without our incredible and devoted teachers and staff. What inspires these heroes to work in District 6?

Megan Martinez, an English teacher at Greeley Central High School, values the “collaboration and camaraderie among staff” in District 6. She appreciates that her fellow teachers work together to simultaneously push one another and have their students’ best interests at heart. “Working in this kind of environment makes me happy to come to work even on the tough days!” she says.

The culture in Greeley is special to Mrs. Martinez, as she grew up in Greeley and began her teaching career here. She explains, “When I taught in another state, I realized how much I valued truly knowing the community my students lived in. It is really important to me that I stay invested in this community--I want to know where my students live, eat, work, and have fun because it helps build connections.” Having this personal connection with her students makes teaching more meaningful to Mrs. Martinez. Greeley’s increasing diversity also adds to the positivity of District 6’s environment. “I love that every day I come to work, I get to interact with people of all different races, countries of origin, languages, and social classes. Most of all, I truly enjoy the openness and acceptance I see among students; I don't think that existed as much when I was a high schooler in Greeley, so it gives me hope every day to see how much the majority of our students embrace peers with different backgrounds!” says Mrs. Martinez.

A few years ago, Mrs. Martinez had a student who began to miss a lot of class. “I knew from previous conversations that she worked (sometimes during the school day) to support her family. Honestly, I feel like I dropped the ball early on in contacting her because I felt like I ‘knew’ she was at work. When I did reach out to her after a few weeks, I found out she was facing some really difficult circumstances outside of even having to work,” she explains. After reaching out the student, Mrs. Martinez was able to help her create a plan to move forward and advocate for her own education. “She worked really hard for the rest of high school, took college-level courses, and is now studying to be a teacher herself! In reality, I am confident this student would have been successful on her own because of her tenacity and intelligence, but I think it helped her to have an adult to recognize her potential and to let her know that we noticed when she was gone. I am so proud of that student!” Invested teachers like Megan Martinez are essential to helping students take hold of their future and learn to create opportunities for themselves.

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Submitted by Cadence Heaston, Senior, Greeley Central High School

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