GWHS Student Presents Diversity Training to Staff

For the past 25 years, Elizabeth Dent has been teaching at Greeley West from the same cherished classroom. Now this is something amazing, most teachers have moved classrooms around the school. Spartan strong, Ms. Dent can’t imagine teaching anywhere else because of the students and colleagues surrounding her. Ms. Dent gladly says, “I have a huge respect for other schools and what they do for students, but West will always be home for me.”

Ms. Dent’s driving factor to stay in District 6 is the students. Being a Language Art and AVID teacher, no one can word this better than Ms. Dent herself; “I have learned equally from [the students] about how to be a human and how to keep my growth game strong. In the last several years, I have found our building and district leadership to be inspiring and motivating. I have an intrinsic desire to create a joyful classroom community where my students appreciate learning hard concepts, and our administration supports that direction in huge ways.”

Her AVID group this year is all Seniors, and she’s seen them focus on school from the start. Many have interviewed for full ride scholarships and have gotten them, and many have interviewed for Ivy League Universities, and are waiting to hear back. A more specific success story is of a current student. This student wanted to make a difference and to make sure our school became more inclusive. Nearly completely on their own, they made diversity training a possibility and Vice Principal, Amy Zulauf, was able to present this to the staff. Shifting paradigms in our mind is hard at any age, but now is an important time for change with the world we are living in. We’re all in a positive shift, and Ms. Dent is inspired and enlightened by the student to be a better person.

Submitted by Taylor Dunbar, Sophomore, Greeley West High School

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