Junior Board Update: Graduating Senior, Anna Bedell

Anna Bedell is among the graduating class of 2021! Anna joined our inaugural Junior Board after serving a summer internship with the Success Foundation last year. As life shifts back to "normal" Anna is preparing to go to CU Boulder in the fall. She will be majoring in Business Administration and Marketing, and hopes to use her degree to work for a nonprofit.

College: CU Boulder Major: Business Administration and Marketing

Senior Quote: “Why do I keep getting oofed?” - 7 Year Old named Freedom

What was the highlight of your high school career?

"State track meet, honor bands, and late-night speech and debate tournaments!"

What advice do you have for incoming freshman?

"Don't overload yourself, and do things you're really passionate about!"

Congratulations, Anna! We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside you, and can't wait to see your continued growth and success!

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