Junior Board Update: Graduating Senior, Cadence Heaston

Cadence Heaston is among the graduating class of 2021! Cadence joined our inaugural Junior Board, and was a huge voice in its development and success. As life shifts back to "normal" Cadence is preparing to go to BYU Provo in the fall. While her major is undeclared, she will be most likely pursue a degree in Marketing or Strategic Management. After earning her bachelor's, she plans to continue her education, working toward a graduate degree in Sports Marketing from Ohio State University.

College: BYU Provo Major: Undeclared but most likely Marketing or Strategic Management

Senior Quote: “Sure I have my bad days, but then I remember what a great smile I have”

What was the highlight of your high school career?

"The highlight of my high school career has probably been this past semester! Even though a lot of normal school events were cancelled or altered, I got to meet so many new people and took time to make memories with my friends. I also took some of my favorite classes this semester that really gave me insight into what I want to do with my future."

What advice do you have for incoming freshman?

"I would advise incoming freshman to not get overwhelmed and take time to enjoy the little moments in school. It goes by a lot faster than it should, and go to as many school events as you can!! Be nice to absolutely everyone and just enjoy yourself."

Congratulations, Cadence! We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside you, and can't wait to see your continued growth and success!

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