Junior Board Update: Graduating Senior, Jody Evans

Jody Evans is among the graduating class of 2021! Jody joined our inaugural Junior Board, and was a huge voice in its development and success. As life shifts back to "normal" Jody is preparing to go to Colorado Mesa University in the fall. They will be majoring in political science, and while they are unsure exactly what they're going to do with it, they are interested in social activism and potentially law.

College: Colorado Mesa University Major: Political Science

Senior Quote: "I'm here and I'm queer"

What was the highlight of your high school career?

"Getting to know who I truly am and get a better idea of what I want to do with my life to help others."

What advice do you have for incoming freshman?

"Give yourself space to discover who you are and don't let other people's understandings of concepts shape your own."

Congratulations, Jody! We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside you, and can't wait to see your continued growth and success!

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