Language Barrier Won't Stop District 6 Students from Success

What is the District 6 community all about? What drives the teachers and students in their education?

Donald Wagner, a teacher at Greeley West High School, knows all about it. From student teaching to this point in his career, he’s stuck with Greeley West the whole time; what a commitment! His teaching in District 6 is driven by the people who want to be a part of the family and who are determined to grow and be challenged.

Having never fully experienced this type of community in his high school experience, Mr. Wagner strives to give his students the education and community they deserve. After being asked about a specific success story, Mr. Wagner has countless students coming to mind, but one story sticks out.

A sophomore in his US History class had language barriers, speaking little English. Even with this challenge, he stayed after class every day for just a few minutes to work with Mr. Wagner to understand each and every concept in the class. At the end of the class, he ended with the highest grade out of the students, and powered through the same way in his Psychology class later on, filled with difficult vocabulary terms and concepts. Through all of this, he was out in fields with the rest of his family, earning money to keep them afloat. After graduation, he attended UNC to receive both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Mr. Wagner mentions that he “ended up with more formal education than me! That’s one of sooo many stories.”

Submitted by Taylor Dunbar, Sophomore, Greeley West High School

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