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Meet the Treasurer: Diane Alexander

At the Success Foundation there is a Board of Directors that is completely volunteer based. These great members help the Success Foundation in many ways and they impact the community in other great ways as well. We want to introduce and shine a spotlight on our board members so everyone can get to know them a little better!

Diane is the treasurer and a member of the finance committee for the Success Foundation. She is currently finishing her 7th year with the Success Foundation! Outside of the Success Foundation she is a Certified Public Accountant and part owner of Anderson & Whitney PC. She chooses to volunteer with the Success Foundation because, “I’m not a parent so I really never had an opportunity to work with the school district. But, I always saw the connection between our students, a successful education program, our local businesses, and a thriving community. Success Foundation gave me the venue to indirectly impact our schools and education programs through fundraising and community awareness.” When asked what she has enjoyed most, “I have enjoyed witnessing the connection between the schools and the community. Interacting with people from all walks of life who have joined together to elevate our educational excellence has been particularly rewarding. The most enjoyable experiences have been in the classroom, watching students learning and using technology in innovative ways. Our teachers are inspirational and I admire their dedication to their vocation and to the students.” Finally, some advice Diane would give is, “Be good to one another. Make friends wherever you go. Stay true to your values.”

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