Meet the Vice President: Kelly Zeillmann

At the Success Foundation there is a Board of Directors that is completely volunteer based. These great members help the Success Foundation in many ways and they impact the community in other great ways as well. We want to introduce and shine a spotlight on our board members so everyone can get to know them a little better!

Kelly is the next board member and the Vice President of the Success Foundation. She serves on the Fundraising Committee and has been with the Success Foundation since January 2021. She chooses to volunteer at the Success Foundation because, “Our school district is full of hard-working teachers, administrators, students & parents. My children received great educations in District 6, and I want to give back to all the people who made that possible. Also, there are so many needs that the District just can't meet without help, so I volunteer for the Success Foundation to help support those needs.” Outside of volunteering for the Success Foundation she is the Alumni & Corporate Engagement Manager at Aims Community College. When asked what she has enjoyed most Kelly said, “I loved giving burritos and coffee to all the community donors who came to the Drive-through Breakfast. I was so encouraged by the enthusiastic support our community showed.” One piece of advice Kelly would give the students and families of District 6 is, “Be as involved as you are able to be, and believe that your teachers want the best for you.”

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