Principals: How to Encourage Your Staff to Thrive on $5

How can you encourage your staff to partake in the Thrive on $5 campaign? You could win some high-priced incentives from The Success Foundation just by having people sign up. We’re encouraging you to set some of your own incentives up! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Jean Day

  2. Enter their name into a drawing to have an administrator take over their class for the day

  3. Enter their name into a drawing for coverage for lunch/dismissal period

  4. Pizza/Catered Lunch

  5. Snacks/Coffee in the Teacher Lounge

  6. Flip Flop Day

  7. Favorite Team Jersey Day

  8. Teacher Superhero Day

These are just a few, of endless possibilities, that could encourage your staff to participate! Remember, it’s only $5/month to help provide your students with incredible and new experiences in the classroom, and the more staff you have participate, the higher chance you have of winning one of our prizes! $$$

Your students are worth it!

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