Riding for a Century: Greeley Grayhairs Tackle a Challenging Distance at Ride4Success

PC: Bre Olsen

They started bicycling for all kinds of reasons.

Dale McIntosh in a search for fitness and clarity after a divorce. Greg Goodell needed a way to stay active after a hip replacement. Bob Hutson recalibrated his lifestyle and diet and found an exercise that was easier on his body than running.

They ride on streets, paths, trails and mountains, on roadsters, hybrids and freerides, bikes and terrain as diverse as the people who ride them and their motives for riding, but on Sept. 30, they’ll ride for a singular purpose: education.

The Ride 4 Success is a charity distance ride that benefits the Success Foundation, the fundraising apparatus of Greeley-Evans School District 6. Through private donations and events like the ride, it provides grants to teachers and classrooms and funds areas of education that the district itself cannot.

“I want to return something to the community,” Goodell said. “What better cause (than this)? We have to invest in education.”

Goodell has been riding more regularly with the Gray Hairs. The club signed up for the Ride 4 Success as a team and has been pushing to the metric-century distance. They typically ride around 100 miles in a week and will probably get in a 100-kilometer practice ride before the main event. Goodell hopes that will prevent any of the Gray Hairs from hitting a wall between 50 and 62 miles. “It’s not anything you want to try if you haven’t trained,” he said.

Difficult as the metric century may be, no one goes into it thinking about the possibility of tapping out. [Goodell] said he’s simply focused on finishing. And riding for Greeley’s schools — for its future — is powerful motivation to pedal through the cramps, the aches, the pain.

This article was originally published by the Greeley Tribune. Read the full editorial here.

To register for the 5th Annual Ride4Success, click here.

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