Saying Goodbye to 2019…and EIGHT of Our Board Members!

As 2019 comes to a close, we are very sad to say goodbye to eight of our board members! It was a bittersweet final board meeting as we presented all exiting board members with a plaque to commemorate their time on The Success Foundation Board of Directors. Before they left, we asked them what they felt the greatest accomplishment of The Success Foundation was during their time on the board:

“I believed in the mission of The Success Foundation and wanted to support its work. [The greatest accomplishment we had] during my time was being at the forefront of innovation for our students’ success.”

Holly Bressler – Winograd K-8, Principal

“I became involved with this organization because I believe in it’s greater purpose of supporting public education for all students in Greeley-Evans School District 6. The relationships between the Success Foundation and District 6 are its best accomplishment.”

Nate Fairchild – Chappelow K-8, Teacher

“I started as a grant recipient and Thrive on $5 Building Representative. From there, I fell in love with The Success Foundation and joined the board. Our greatest accomplishment is our ability to support new Career Pathways and SmartLab initiatives in District 6.”

Chris Garcia – UNC, Alumni Relations

“I became involved with The Success Foundation because I wanted to support engagement of a more diverse population in our community. A major success was the development of a stronger, and more consistent brand, across print, web, and social media.”

Lynda Mitch – Flood and Peterson

“I joined The Success Foundation because I feel strongly about the education and the opportunities given to our local students. The greatest success I’ve seen in the annual Success Foundation Breakfast!”

Rhonda Solis, District 6 Board of Education

“I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the foundation change and grow. It has become THE foundation to Greeley/Evans school district and has helped educate the community on the needs and accomplishments of district 6. As a school board member, I look forward to our continued work together to enhance public education.”

Charee Voelz – Flood and Peterson, Retired

“I joined The Success Foundation because I have a passion for public education in Greeley and ensuring District 6 has funds to provide excellent opportunities for students. We have been successful in increasing awareness in the community regarding the importance of a strong school district.”

Greg Voelz – District 6 Principal, Retired

“I know how important it is to support innovation in our district. Over the last five years we have grown to be a critical supporting partner to District 6. We have contributed over two million dollars since the foundation was started! That’s quite an impact!”

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