SmartLabs Provide Equitable Access for ALL District 6 Students

SmartLabs engage ALL learners in a hands-on, project based approach in which Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines are integrated. In a SmartLab, learning is highly personalized and empowers students to shape their learning to meet their individual interests, abilities, and learning styles. In a world where STEM disciplines are critical to all jobs, fields of study, careers, and even home life, it's essential that every student has equitable access to and a strong foundation in STEM.

SmartLabs level the playing field for students from low-income families.

When a SmartLab is implemented, all students at a school have access through rotation scheduling. By making SmartLab learning available and providing equitable access District-wide, it levels the playing field. All students including those with disabilities, students underserved in STEM subjects, and English language learners are given a chance to develop the skills and confidence needed for life beyond the classroom. SmartLabs provide a wealth of learning opportunities that would otherwise not be possible for so many District 6 students.

  • Access for every student Provides entry points for all students, regardless of learning style, ability or interest

  • Supports individual learners Effective teaching practices support students of different backgrounds

  • Relevant learning Encourages student to apply core concepts to a variety of situations and contexts relevant to them

Support SmartLabs in District 6

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