Student Health Advisory Council Opportunity Provides Relevant Leadership Experience

Updated: Apr 27

Rachel Hurshman is a Wellness Coordinator for District 6 Nutrition Services and an active advocate for student health. Before working for District 6, she had a career in finance! Although changing career paths and becoming a dietitian was likely intimidating and strenuous, she loves working for District 6 because of “great leadership”, amazing coworkers and a diverse student population”. Rachel explains that she is driven by “the important work of making sure our students are fed healthy meals and learning skills for lifelong wellness, as this has a huge impact on academics and future success.” These aspects of education are crucial to students’ physical and emotional well-being, and leaders like Rachel Hurshman ensure that students are prepared to care for themselves.

Rachel Hurshman also helps to lead the D6 Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC), which is composed of both students and local wellness professionals. Of all her connections through this council, one student’s story stands out to her. She reflects, “One of the students who was in SHAC's inaugural class was a quiet Sophomore and I saw her grow into a leader in SHAC, her school and community. I had the privilege of writing her a letter of recommendation for the Boettcher Scholarship, which she received and is now excelling in college! She still comes back and volunteers with SHAC. These are the stories that help drive my work everyday.”

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