Students Thrive on $5 – Alejandro Ramirez

21st Century Grant Program.

Alejandro Ramirez experienced a unique opportunity through a grant funded by your donations. His teacher, Bill Alexander, received a grant for a 3D printer and materials. The printers are available to all students before and after school. They are encouraged to use it for creative class projects in any subject area. Mr. Alexander chose Alejandro as part of a group to develop a stylus for a special needs student who used a touchscreen to communicate. Months later, his group members quit because the design was too hard.

“I was the only one who wanted to finish the design. It taught me that when something is hard, you always keep going. Sometimes the smallest thing could en up being the biggest success. If Franklin Middle School didn’t receive a 3D printer, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn these skills and complete this hard project. I helped someone else, and most importantly, it showed me that you should never give up.” – Alejandro Ramirez

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