Students Thrive on $5 – Elise Johnson

21st Century Grant Program.

Student, Elise Johnson, at Greeley West High School is a student that experienced a unique learning experience through a grant funded by your donations. Her teacher, Travis Krause, received a grant for Fly Fishing to be used in their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class. Theory of Knowledge is an important component in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program that encourages students to apply critical thinking to real-life situations.

“Theory of knowledge ideologies can be applied to fly fishing. With your generous donation, my teacher was able to purchase fly fishing rods. We learned the skill of casting, and applied our newly learned skills back to Theory of Knowledge. Fly Fishing is a great skill to learn in a TOK class because it incorporates nearly every Area of Knowledge. Fly fishing crosses over both sides of the brain and requires the fisherman to use techniques from the arts when tying flies, math while arching the rod for casting, natural sciences to know where to fish, ethics to determine whether to keep or release the fish, along with many other examples. Thank you once again for your generous donation to our class!”

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