Success Builds Success – A Letter from Outgoing Board President, Greg Voelz

The Success Foundation funded twenty-two 21st Century Education grants in the amount of $36,481 in 2018. These funds supported teachers’ creative ideas such as coding/programming groups, 3D printing, digital story making, drones, a media club, and theater arts expansion, all to help students achieve skills necessary for our future work-force.

The Success Foundation is able to support the staff and students of District 6 because of your support. You come to the Breakfast and pledge, you pledge to Thrive on 5, you help support the Ride4Success by riding or volunteering, and you encourage our students, staff and Board members to strive for success. Without your consistent support, the successes we have seen this past year would not be possible. Thank you does not say strongly enough how we feel but, THANK YOU!

2019 is going to be even more successful because of your support for education in Greeley Evans District 6! We are District 6! — Greg Voelz 2018 Board of Directors President

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