Success Foundation receives $40,000 grant to support Career Explore Internship Program

“The Career Explore Internship Program is vital to the district’s career pathway programs. The health care industry accounts for over 13% of jobs in Greeley and internship opportunities will help to ensure District 6 graduates acquire necessary skills and are prepared to meet our community’s workforce needs. We are proud to partner with District 6 on this important work and grateful to NCMC, Inc. for their generous support,” said Julie Hill, Success Foundation Executive Director.

The goal of the Career Explore Internship Program is to prepare all students in Greeley-Evans School District 6 for their chosen path after high school. A student’s pathway is their own unique map for their future; it is one of their first opportunities for individual ownership of where they will go in life. The Career Explore Internship Program takes into account academic and career plans prepared by each student in order to equip them for their individual post-secondary success. Such planning and preparation will move every student forward in the direction of their career choice.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to increase healthcare sector internships for students, thus further ensuring that our graduates acquire necessary skills and are prepared to meet our community’s workforce needs. The district is very grateful for the support of The Success Foundation and our partnership with NCMC, Inc., that has made this opportunity possible,” said Dr. Rhonda Haniford, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools.

The Success Foundation Serving Greeley-Evans Schools exists to enhance education opportunities for all students in District 6. The Foundation is the dedicated, private fundraising organization for Greeley-Evans Schools.

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