Success Foundation Receives $50,000 from Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief Fund

The Success Foundation is excited to receive a $50,000 gift just in time for the spring semester. The grant came from the Albertson's and Safeway Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief Fund, and will support our Nutrition Services Department.

The grant is intended to help ensure the most vulnerable members of our community continues to receive support during the winter months. We're thrilled to receive this grant and look forward to putting it to good use in the fight against hunger.

This round of Nourishing Neighbors grants focuses on the needs of marginalized communities which have been hit particularly hard. The percentage of households with children that have reported serious financial problems during the pandemic has been astounding.

Greeley-Evans District 6 Nutrition Services will use the grant to purchase heaters and weather tents so outside distribution locations can continue through the winter months and an increased number of sites can be established. Multiple meals are distributed at our off-site locations so grant funds will also allow for increased access to healthy foods that require more packaging and have a longer-shelf life.

The Albertson's and Safeway Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief Initiative was launched with at $53 million company donation in 2020. Since then, generous customers have donated an additional $57 million at the register.

Thank you, Albertsons and Safeway, for helping us fight hunger in Greeley and Evans!

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