Success Stories – 21st Century Educational Grants – Centennial Elementary School

“Creating with Circuits” class is an after-school Summit Extended Day Learning Program. Students in grades 2-5 use circuits with other materials such as legos, recycled materials, cardboard and plastics to solve problems and create products. Students begin by planning on paper and eventually bring their ideas to life with circuit kits. Last year, students were not able to create their own projects because there were not enough kits for all students. Instead, they worked in small groups with one person doing the actual building.  Sara Brooks, media specialist at Centennial, saw this gap in the learning and creating process and wrote a grant to The Success Foundation to supplement the original kits.  Now, all students have their own kit which has had a significant impact on student engagement and the program is more beneficial with each student able to build their own design.  

“I just want to thank each of you for not only helping to fund our after-school program, but coming to see the kids in action using the tools that the Foundation has so generously provided,” said Centennial Media Specialist, Sara Brooks. “The kids loved showing what they do and what they learn during their Creating with Circuits class. You are so appreciated for the opportunities you give kids each and every day!”

The Success Foundation thanks you, our donors, for helping us provide innovative learning opportunities for our students in District 6!

Written by Sara La Lone

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