Success Stories – Frontier Academy

Our very own Frontier Academy had several students from their Robotics Club attend. Students were expected to create an original idea for their project, build it with legos, and use code to program it to complete simple tasks. They also had to create a display board and verbally communicate what it was and how it worked. 

The older leagues competed on the table-top course. They put their robots to the test, as they completed tasks for points within a certain time period. They were also given a real-life problem that they had to work together, and program their robot to complete.

These kids demonstrated a huge amount of knowledge and excitement as they presented to the crowds. This program is building tomorrow’s leaders, and we’re so excited to help fund these projects for several schools in our district. Way to go District 6!

For other exciting news about LEGO Robotics in our district, click here.

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