Success Stories – Greeley West High School Film

The class had just finished working on video montages that represent themselves. A montage is a series of clips that if played alone, they wouldn’t make sense, but when put together, they create a story. Several students presented their montages and explained their challenges, including how they had to get a lot of footage just to make a 30 second video.

Their next assignment is to take a popular fairytale and change the genre and outcome of the story. They chose to work on this project as a class, designating a job to every person including director, lighting, sound, makeup/costume, script writing, and all the other positions needed in the making of a movie.

We asked students what challenges they have been facing so far, and they all said communication. “One of us might want something, but it we’re not clear, we might screw everyone else up.” Another student chimed in saying, “it’s been very hard to work on our individual jobs and not intervene in someone else’s job.” The students acknowledged that this would be even harder during this assignment as they all work together to complete their movie!

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