Success Stories – Greeley West High School Orchestra

During our visit, each group of students explained where they got their inspiration for the pieces they are working on. This ranged from historic battles or character development, to family road trips or the loss of a loved one. Through this project, students are learning the importance of time signatures and rhythm, key signatures and chord structure that help them develop the sound they’re imagining, and how to write for instrumentation that is not the instrument they normally play. The most challenging part of this project is that it’s all done with paper and pencil which means they’re not instantly hearing what they’re writing like they would if they were using a music composition software.

The next step of this project is for students to enlist the help of their classmates to play parts of their pieces to make sure they’re getting the sound they want. They will eventually put this into a composition program on the computer, and will present their pieces at a final concert, along with a piece the composer wrote for their class.

We are excited to see the end result of this grant project at their concert on February 27, 2019!

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