Success Stories – Monfort Elementary School

This grant money has helped benefit all 500 of our students at Monfort. Our makerspace is a place that all students visit each week as part of a specials rotation. In this space, the students are encouraged to explore their interests and find what they are good at. From coding, to broadcasting, and even animation, the students have been able to work with a variety of things to find a passion in their life. This passion is built off of throughout the year leading to many career studies.

Qubits, K’nex, Rigamajigs, and other Lego kids for the students to explore their creative side while working on all 21st Century Skills.  As for the electronic side of things, the kids have had fun learning how to code our Spark robots. The variety of things purchased have inspired kids to think creatively and most importantly, to persevere. We are forever grateful.”

Bridget Yohon, Makerspace Coordinator – Monfort Elementary School

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