Success Stories – Northridge High School

Students’ literacy increased over time as they are able to talk about a concept multiple times, reflect, receive feedback, and continue to practice prior to writing short responses to prompts or presenting. Furthermore, students’ confidence and speaking skills have improved. Early in the school year, several students were uncomfortable engaging in conversation but by providing a safe environment with sentence starters and a list of Tier vocabulary, students feel more comfortable engaging in academic literacy and discourse.

 The voice recorders and headphone splitters have multiple other uses such as recording directions or explanations that help students

I truly believe this implementation has proven to be an effective strategy because students are able to acknowledge areas in need of improvement and problem-solve to make appropriate use of terms in future opportunities. This type of strategic approach can be implemented at various grade levels and subject areas. Honestly, it has been an amazing journey hearing students’ vocabulary grow over the course of the past months. All that students needed was to let their voice be heard!”

Dr. Yajaira Fuentes-Tauber, Teacher, Northridge High School

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