Success Stories – University Schools

The administration at University Schools organized a tour of the entire program for us. We started at the elementary level with Director of Schools, Dr. Sherry Gerner, and Elementary Principal, Michael Mazurana, as our guides. We were able to visit many classrooms where Blended Learning was being used, and students were eager to show us the software programs they were using. They also were able to explain how they felt the programs were boosting their learning. We observed several classrooms using a program 

We were later joined by Middle School Principal, Nick Kintz, and High School Principal Jeff Casey, and were shown around the secondary part of the school. Students were participating in many technology-centered lessons that ranged from math, to media and design. They have specialized S.T.E.M.

There are many innovative things happening at University Schools, and we greatly appreciate your staff taking time out of their day to show us around.


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