The Burroughs Create Telethon to Support Arts Programs in Greeley-Evans School District 6

Updated: Jan 18

Alongside The Burroughs, the telethon will feature 10 other Northern Colorado artists: Ben Pu, Armando Silvas and Alicia Viezcas, The Great Salmon Famine, Jenna Mclean, Boss Eagle, Giants and Pilgrims, Graham Good and the Painters, Hannah and the Cuddies, Julia Kirkwood, and DJ Fullmetal.

The Burroughs started in 2013 and consists of 9 members. They’ve been successful in gaining an audience of fans with their trademark of “Sweaty Soul Music.” Since then they’ve gotten to travel all over Colorado and beyond performing, but always come back to their hometown of Greeley, CO to support the community. They have participated and hosted educational concerts and clinics before in Colorado, and continue to love connecting with young musicians and showing what possibilities there are for music as a career. Mary Claxton, percussionist for The Burroughs, is excited “to continue to elevate the voices and music of young people in our community.”

All the proceeds raised before, during, and after the telethon will go to music programs in the Greeley-Evans School District. For The Burroughs, it’s especially important to be supporting music education programs. “Every kid deserves to have their community’s support as they learn and grow,” Claxton says. Supporting children in a community means investing in a town’s future, which is what the band is aiming to bring awareness to.

The band also has the belief that teachers are an essential part of every musician’s life. This has led them to create and participate in fundraising opportunities for music education. Claxton tells us that even if someone isn’t planning on becoming a professional musician, “arts classes help all of us to understand and express what it is to be human.”

Join us for this spectacular event on Wednesday to help support music programs in the Greeley-Evans School District 6! The event will be streamed live on The Burroughs Facebook Page from 7-9pm. 


— Written by Anna Bedell University Schools Student Intern for The Success Foundation

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