The Success Foundation and….Santa Claus?

– Brennyn Mathis – Union Colony Elementary School (4th Grade)

– Brenden Bauman – Jackson Elementary (5th Grade)

– Shealyn Wolf – S. Christa McAuliffe S.T.E.M. Academy (5th Grade)

– Cory Arnel – Shawsheen Elementary (5th Grade)

– Destiny Chaivez – Winograd K-8 (5th Grade)

– Ethan Schockey – Prairie Heights Middle School (6th Grade)

– Jaydenn Cervantes – Northridge High School (9th Grade)

Our vision has always been to cultivate innovation and promote world-class education for our children. We exist to raise resources that will enhance educational opportunities and achievement for all students in the district. We embrace innovation and strive to create exceptional learning environments that are outside of the box. Our seven winners have been given the opportunity to be creative, and to gain a hands-on learning experience that is fun and memorable for each one of them.

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