Tis’ the Season – To Give. Why Community Member Janet Alcorn Gives to The Success Founda

Janet knew they hit a nerve when they hosted the first Success for our Kids Breakfast, and saw how open and supportive the community members were. She mentioned how extremely rewarding it was to “know that you are having a direct and positive effect on the experiences of students and teachers in this district.”

Janet resided on the board from 2010-2016. Although she is no longer a board member, her and her husband both maintain an active role at The Success Foundation. By giving both their time and money, they are supporting the future of our community. They believe that it is very important that the community recognizes we need to step up together to support our schools, principals, and teachers. Our motto has always been, “Our Kids, Our Community, Our Dreams”, and that is exactly why The Success Foundation was started. “Our community is only as good as our schools are.” They choose to support The Success Foundation because our kids deserve the best education. “We need to help our students have a world class education so that they can compete with their peers in other districts in Colorado, and around this nation.”

Janet wants the community to know that “The Success Foundation is focused solely on kids, teachers, and schools. The Success Foundation is not a political entity. It is about support for ‘our kids, our community, our dreams’.”

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