Tis’ the Season – To Give. Why Community Member John Barry Gives to The Success Foundati

John served on the board from 2010-2016. He said “the most rewarding part was simply knowing that our work and contributions were serving to inspire and raise the confidence of our District 6 Students.” Although John is no longer on our board, he has maintained involvement in the organization. He continues to donate and volunteer, because he “know[s] that the donations are spent very carefully and very wisely, and the volunteer time is fun and also for a great cause.”

Mr. Barry believes the community needs to know how much of a difference The Success Foundation continues to make in the lives of both our students and teachers. He wants the surrounding community to know that we, as a foundation for District 6, continually push innovation, which allows our students to approach learning in new ways, keeping them engaged, and interested in the content, which plays a very important role in our future.

Thank you, John, for all that you’ve done for The Success Foundation!

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