University Schools Senior, Anna Bedell, Reflects on Intern Experience with The Success Foundation

We are so grateful for the help of our community, whom continually support us and all the students in Greeley-Evans School District 6.

Hi, everyone! My name is Anna Bedell, and I’m going to be a senior at University Schools. This summer I had the opportunity to participate in the District 6 Internship Program at The Success Foundation.

I started my internship in the beginning of June and was thrown into things pretty quickly. The Success Foundation was holding their RollOut4Success event at that time and were planning the Burroughs Telethon and Mask Campaign for the future months.

Virtual Interning?

“Wow, you guys are really tall!”

My internship started as completely virtual and stayed that way until mid July, when I got to meet Susan and Julie for the first time at the Greeley Subaru. We were passing out t-shirts from those who participated in the RollOut4Success, and the first thing I said to them was “wow, you guys are really tall!” From there, I started to go into the office and in person meetings, and can now barely believe that I spent 2 months working either at my desk or in my bed.

Exploring My Creativity

During my time at The Success Foundation, there wasn’t a specific task that I did, although most of it was creating social media posts for Instagram and Twitter. This was a lot of fun to do since I was allowed to be as creative as I wanted as long as I was following the correct color scheme and got the message carried across. Other days I would be writing blog posts (like this one), or even spend 2 full days tracking mileage for the RollOut4Success.

Along with working with Susan and Julie, I joined the marketing committee meetings and was able to discuss different campaigns and hear others opinions while giving mine. While I never got to see the board in person, I got to know their face pretty well through Zoom calls.

Both Susan and Julie are incredibly hard working people, and they have a lot on their plate! It’s been so fun getting to know both of them better as people and as higher-ups, and they’ve created an amazing working environment for me in and out of office. While I’m sad to be leaving them so soon, I won’t be gone for long since I get to join the new Junior Board for the The Success Foundation. They can’t get rid of me that quickly!

My Future

While I'm sad to be leaving them so soon, I won't be gone long since I get to join the new Junior Board...They can't get rid of me that quickly!"

I’ve learned so much during my short time at The Success Foundation. I’ve had to gain both Susan and Julie’s trust and keep myself accountable while the internship was virtual, even if that meant crawling out of bed 5 minutes before work started. I am now an expert at using Canva, which is a graphic design program, and have learned the ins and outs of marketing for a nonprofit organization. Most of all, I’ve helped myself solidify my own career plans for the future. I knew that I was interested in some type of business, but this internship has helped me decide that marketing and communications is the kind of business I’m interested in. This experience that I got the opportunity to fulfill has been invaluable, and I’m incredibly grateful for everyone involved in making this happen!

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