University Schools Student, Anna Bedell, is Challenging YOU

Today, however, I’m heading to the Poudre Learning Center with my dog, Olive, to walk miles for the RollOut4Success fundraiser! We walked around the lake and then Olive got to go swimming, which she loves more than anything. Getting out and taking advantage of a nice day was really fun for the both of us!

RollOut4Success is a fundraising event put on by The Success Foundation to raise money for resources in the Greeley-Evans School District 6. This is their 7th year doing this fundraiser, but the first year of having a virtual experience. All you have to do is register for a certain amount of miles you wish to complete between now and June 14th, and get running, biking, or walking!

I challenge all of you toparticipate in the RollOut4Success! This is a wonderful way to push your physical limits and to stay active during this social distancing summer. You will also be contributing resources that can help the thousands of students in the district enhance their education and create a better engagement for learning.


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