We Took the District 6 VIP Tour and Here’s what we Learned

What an amazing school district we have serving the students of our community! The Success Foundation recently had the opportunity to participate in the very first VIP Tour hosted by District 6 Communications. We thought we knew our district pretty well, but learned even more about the great work being done by our dedicated District 6 staff. We strongly encourage you to participate in one of the upcoming tours. You won’t regret it!

Executive Chef, Matt Poling, explains to our tour how our locally sourced food is being made for the masses.

We started our VIP Tour at the Service Facilities where Nutrition Services Director, Danielle Bock, gave us a tour of where all of the food for the district is made. She explained that they support student achievement by offering healthy, great-tasting meals and promoting overall wellness through nutrition education opportunities and connecting students to their food via Farm to School and School Garden programs. All fresh fruits and vegetables, beef, chicken, and pork, and 98 percent of dairy products come from local farms. At one point, the district served only frozen meals to students, and now their mission is to kick out highly processed foods and completely revamp their system. Danielle said, “Greeley kids deserve real food. Scratch-made meals provide the

Nutrition Services Director, Danielle Bock, made our tour incredibly fun!

opportunity to reinvest in the community. We’re either paying Tyson factory workers in New York to create chicken nuggets for us, or we’re putting that money in the hands of local growers.” This has included opening a centralized production kitchen to support the preparation of fresh meals from scratch, sourcing local ingredients when possible.

Principal Anne Ramirez welcomes us with their school pet, Slithers.

After a delicious lunch, we loaded up the bus and headed to our first destination, Ann K. Heiman Elementary School. We were greeted by Principal, Anne Ramirez, and their school snake, Slithers. Heiman has installed a relatively new program on their playground to help deal with behavioral problems called the Peace Pad. The Peace Pad is used for students that are disagreeing, angry at each other, or too fired up to hear the other person’s side of the story. It gives them the chance to calmly and maturely discuss their issues and come to a mutual agreement. Ramirez said they’ve seen a lot of success with this method and their behavioral issues are significantly less than previous years.

Orchestra class at Chappelow Arts Magnet

We said goodbye to the Huskies and boarded the bus and headed to Chappelow Arts Magnet School, where Wes Tuttle, the assistant superintendent for Elementary and K-8 schools, greeted us along with Principal, Chris Kieffer, and Vice Principal, Jessica Oziah. Together, they explained their school goals, how they were implementing them, and how they have embraced the massive arts culture in Greeley. Their students have been able to partner with local organizations in the area to expand their learning opportunities. This includes UNC Art and Music classes, After School Enrichment Programs, Chataqua Performances, All State Music Festivals, CU Choir Festivals, and  more! They have also received several grants (including one from us!) and are continuing to develop their programs including the addition of a media arts program.

Construction students at Greeley West working on the set for their upcoming show

Last stop on the tour was Greeley West High School! After meeting with Principal, Jeff Cranson, and Assistant Principals, Amy Zulauf and Ken Denning, we toured some of their career pathway classes. Their construction classes were busy working on the set for their upcoming play. We also got to see how some of the new technology devices purchased through mill levy funding are being used to help student achievement.

The VIP Tour gave us the ability to look deep into our schools and ask our administrators and leadership teams questions. We encourage you to sign up and get an inside look into what make Greeley-Evans School District 6 so awesome.

To sign up for a VIP Tour, click here.

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