Why SmartLab Learning is Better than other Supplemental Curricula


With access to the standards-aligned curriculum via the SmartLab Learning Hub, students use a self-guided model to challenge themselves while building on foundational math and science knowledge.


Engaged learners are intrinsically motivated. With SmartLab Learning, students get to explore their own interests at their own pace; as a result they stay on-task, use critical thinking, and achieve their personal and academic goals on a schedule that works for them.


With SmartLab Learning, learning paths and resources are individualized and relevance is paramount. Students are encouraged to shape their projects and explore ideas based on their personal interests and experiences.

Scope & Sequence

SmartLab Learning’s project-based learning curriculum includes a scope and sequence that provides students with a vibrant mix of STEAM-focused experiences—from scientific analysis to mechanics to communication skills and beyond.


With customizable rubrics designed specifically for project-based learning, students demonstrate their learning and mastery of skills in their portfolios.

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