Your 2018 Success Foundation Board

We are thrilled to welcome two new members to our board this year: Delia Haefeli and Nate Fairchild. Delia and Nate are both very active in our school district, and will be wonderful additions to The Success Foundation. You can read more about them below.

Fishing, hiking, playing tennis, and being married to John fill the majority of her free time. She and her husband enjoy catching fish in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana and thoroughly delight in finding trails to hike in the Colorado Rockies. They have been married 24+ years and she finds marriage fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Nate Fairchild grew up in Greeley.  He went to Meeker for elementary school, Maplewood for middle school, Heath for junior high, and was a member of Northridge’s first graduating glass.  He started out in District 6 as a substitute teacher for about 6 years until he started teaching 5th Grade full time at Chappelow where he’s been ever since.  He lives in Greeley with his wife, Chelsey, who runs the Starbucks in Windsor and his son Aksel who is 2 years old.

We are so excited to have you both joining us this year!

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