Success Stories – Chappelow Arts Magnet School

A grant from The Success Foundation has provided middle school students at Chappelow Arts Magnet School the opportunity to explore three dimensional spaces through different sculptural materials in their art classes. The goal of the project is to encourage creativity by giving students new materials and tools for them to utilize while exploring their strengths. Students are equipped with several new materials including Cardboard Construction Tools, Magnetic Sculpture Tiles, Kinetic Sand, and 3D Pens. Teacher, Alison Myers, wanted to provide students with the opportunity to be self-driven. Students are greeted every Monday with a goal sheet for the week. They create their own goals, and have accountability points every day to make sure they’re making progress. Students are able to choose what materials they want to use, what their project is, whether it’s individual or collaborative, and develop other 21st century skills.

Through the implementation of this project, Myers said she has seen a high amount of engagement and student collaboration. Her students have been able to build and create with materials that encourage them to explore and allow them to direct their learning. “[This is a] unique style of pedagogy I am implementing here. I truly believe in the effectiveness of this approach,  thank you for helping me put theory into practice.”

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